Cost of Performing an Open Heart Surgery in India

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March 20, 2021

Cost of Performing an Open Heart Surgery in India

India is well-known as a medical centre for both international and domestic patients. The price is generally cheaper than that of most other country hospitals. Indian surgeons and doctors specialized in high-end heart care and facilities, and their experience and skills make them highly competitive.

The Procedure

The procedure will provide you with a general idea of the surgery’s cost. It’s essential to realize what you’ll be going through before lying down for surgery; it’s easier to be prepared than to be unprepared.

The patient will be put under general anaesthesia first, which will ensure that he or she feels no discomfort and stays unconscious during the operation. The surgeons will be busy making 8-10 inch incisions across your chest region while you are asleep. Another surgeon can make a couple of cuts over your breastbone, exposing your heart. You’ll be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine until your heart has been revealed. This system aids in the circulation of blood across the body. The surgeon would then use a healthy artery vein to clear a path for the blocked artery to exit. The surgeon would then stitch the breastbone together thus leaving a wire within the body. The initial cut is stitched back together. This is how a typical surgical procedure goes.

These common surgical procedures are reasonably priced. There are a variety of new techniques and procedures used in open heart surgery. The latest techniques may also avoid the need for a heart-lung bypass machine in favour of other options. These could be more expensive than standard procedures.

Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India

When compared to the UK and the US, the cost of open heart surgery in India is up to 70% to 80% less; this could include accommodation and travel expenses. Also among Asian countries, India has the most affordable surgery costs. The level of healthcare facilities is comparable to that of Western countries. Dr. Kamlesh Jain Who is one of the best Heart Surgeon in Mumbai provides Heart Surgery at low price as compared to UK and US’s Surgeons./?

In India, an open heart surgery costs around 7500 USD, while the same operation costs around 90,000 USD in the UK and 55,000 USD in the US. The difference is enormous. Why spend so much money when you could get the same results with identical procedures for a fraction of the price?

Why Choose India?

Every day, India receives a large number of cardiac cases, with a high rate of recovery and success. Cardiac care in India is special in that it caters to international patients. In terms of health infrastructure, India competes with developed countries in a similar way. Health units in India are equipped with the most up-to-date medical electronics, as well as unrivalled experience from leading cardiologists and heart surgeons.

Indian cardiac surgeons are known for providing a wide range of cardiac treatment, ranging from basic services to Open Heart Surgery at Reasonable Costs and the Cardiac Surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Kamlesh Jain is One of them.