Dr Kamlesh, Tum sath ho jub apne duniya ko dikha denge hum maut ko jine ke andaj sikha denge.

Akshad Bendre

Initial beginning is Great. Mean to say to review the patient details with lin of action to start treatment is Great. During the treatment, handling the situation and one step ahead than the beginning. After the completion of treatment follow up is awesome. Overall definitely the best ever medical-related suggestions I got and happy to recommend for other patient to want such a remarkable treatment.

Chetan Patil

I really appreciate your kind and generous behaviour towards your patients . I also thank you from bottom of my heart for giving me a new life. Your experience in your field is truly commendable. Keep the good work going. Thank you & Best wishes for your health.

Mr Kumawat

Bank Manager, Thane

Many times it become hard to express our feelings in words. So would just like to say that. l don't know whether god is in the word or not but if it is present it would be in the form of you only.

Mrs Swati Pandav

Excellent caring and polite, no ego seen & more over today I am with my mother because of your excellent expertise & treatment. Thanks sir

Mr Surendra Mishra

The best doctor I've ever met. A surgery cannot be easy for anyone but, he makes sure his patients are comfortable and treated well. Always available to help. Thank you

Mrs Tesley Fernandes

We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided. From the moment we met you, we were certain God had led us to you Mi tumchya upakarachi paratfed kadhi karu shakat nahi, pan jewha majhya kadun Kahi Kam asel tar nakki kalava sir, good night

Subarao Waghmare